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Good quality content and teaching expertise are most important when it comes to performing well in an exam as prestigious as UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). High quality content can be obtained by making a reasonable payment of UPSC coaching in Indore fees. Over time, the faculty and management at Sharma Academy carry out through research and analysis of student content to ensure that the information is in sync with the latest syllabi.

Always Join a Reliable Institute

For UPSC students, it is important to join a reliable institute where several toppers have got high ranks in the exam. Apart from UPSC coaching fees in Indore, it is also necessary for the coaching institute to be present in a well connected location. A good locality will also help students coming from different parts of Madhya Pradesh to stay there. It must be easy to get public transport from the location, and candidates must feel motivated to study at such a place.

All students dreaming to become Government officers must join Sharma Academy since it provides comprehensive step-by-step guidance for the same. Different types of courses are available for UPSC.

What Happens When a Student Does not Join a UPSC Institute?

A student who does not get the right kind of guidance on the basis of his or her ability is likely to feel frustrated while trying to study on his or her own. There are many times when the student may not be able to reach the necessary level of accuracy. Also, the presence of other students in the form of strong competition spurs every student to put in his or her best. Apart from the coaching and knowledge, students also get expert tips from faculty and toppers for implementing the best strategies.

What is Offered at Sharma Academy?

UPSC coaching fees in Indore covers a variety of ways in which the student can master the different subjects. The different offers are as follows:

  • UPSC Distance Learning Course
  • UPSC Test Series
  • UPSC Online Coaching Classes
  • UPSC Coaching in Indore and Study Material
  • UPSC Books for Pre and Mains
  • Free Notes for UPSC on Special Topics
  • UPSC Table, Pen Drive, SD Card Course

UPSC Exam Pattern

a) Prelims

The first type of paper given to the students is the Preliminary Examination, or the Prelims. This is an Objective paper for which students get Multiple Choice questions (a choice has to be made among the given options for a question). Two papers are part of the UPSC exam, namely Paper I and Paper II. Both the papers are for 200 marks each. Similarly, each paper has to be answered within 2 hours. The pattern of the UPSC Civil Services IAS Prelims Exam is as given below:

Name of the Paper No. of Questions Duration Given Marks.
Paper I- General Studies 100 2 Hours. 200
Paper II: Aptitude. 80 2 Hours. 200
Total Marks. 400

An importance piece of information needs to be mentioned here. A student’s marks in the Prelims are necessary only to quality for the Mains exam. It is not used to come up with the order of merit. Although Qualifying marks for Paper II are 33%, candidates become eligible for the Mains only by attaining the Qualifying marks for Paper I.

b) Mains

This exam is tougher than the Prelims and consists of 9 papers. Among all these, only two of them are considered for qualification- Paper A and Paper B. The other papers, numbered I to VII, are used for the purpose of ranking. Students will get the question papers in either Hindi or English. The pattern of the UPSC Civil Services IAS Mains Exam is as follows:

S.No. Name of Paper Name of Subject Marks
1. Paper-A. Modern Indian language (Qualifying paper) 300
2. Paper-B English (Qualifying paper) 300
3. Paper-I Essay 250
4. Paper-II General Studies-I 250
5. Paper-III General Studies-II 250
6. Paper-IV General Studies-III 250
7. Paper-V General Studies-IV 250
8. Paper-VI Optional subject (Paper-1) 250
9. Paper-VII Optional subject (Paper-2) 250
Sub-Total 1750
Interview 275
Total 2025

Candidates are finally ranked on the basis of the Mains and the Interview scores.

Common Candidate Questions

Sharma Academy has noticed that some questions are asked by a large percentage of students every year. You may even find the answer to the UPSC question that you may have been thinking since a long time

1) Being an average student in class, will I be able to clear the UPSC to successfully become an IPS or IAS officer? The past performance of a student does not play a role in determining a student’s fate here; he or she can still crack the IAS examination. Certain day-to-day methods have to be followed to become well informed, one of them being reading on a daily basis. This reading can be in the form of newspapers, magazines, or any other books. This helps increase comprehension skill and reading speed, which will be beneficial in the exams. Remember, it is not your past ability but your ability to toil hard which will determine your fate. Nothing is impossible!

2) What are the techniques to crack the UPSC exam in a single attempt? It is necessary to cover every topic in General Studies to be able to clear the Prelims, which should be the priority. At the same time, students must not miss out on easy questions from subjects such as Economics, Geography, Polity, and History. Looking up previous years’ question papers and going through NECERT books is absolutely essential. Remember to prepare using the Mock Exams available at Sharma Academy.

3) Is it possible to get an Examination Center of choice? Allotment of centers takes place on a first-cum-first serve basis. Once the capacity of that center has been fulfilled, it will no longer be valid. Students will be given 3 cities to choose for putting in their centers. In most cases, candidates will get examination centers in the cities that are their first choices.

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